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Yellow Mud Egg Cleaning Machine: Salted Duck Egg Washing Machine

Date:2020-9-8      Author:Egg washing machine

The duck egg cleaning machine adopts a new type of dynamic power-off protection high-power motor, which has good heat dissipation performance, will not burn out, and automatically power-off protection motor when the temperature is too high. The runner is stronger and firmer, and the duck egg washing machine is of higher quality. The stainless steel wire ball brush is used to prevent rust. Say goodbye to the trouble of replacing the steel wire ball.

From cleaning, quick-drying to light inspection, grading, spray coding, a full set of assembly lines are suitable for the cleaning of fresh eggs, mud eggs, gray eggs, salted eggs, and other egg products. According to the specific needs of customers, a complete set of equipment from fully automatic egg cleaning to fast drying of egg cleaning to light inspection to grading, oil injection and coding, and automatic cleaning of eggs in water.

Features of Yellow mud egg cleaning machine produced:

Features of  Yellow mud egg cleaning machine produced by Lijun Machinery Factory, it can automatically cycle, imitating manual egg washing, and the entire “egg washing” process runs automatically and continuously. It has the characteristics of stable egg delivery, adopts automatic control, and the egg delivery speed is uniform and stable. The speed adjustable function is added, and the production capacity can be adjusted according to actual needs. It is made of stainless steel and rinsed with clean water.

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Yellow mud egg cleaning machine has fast loading and unloading, exquisite mechanism, and easy loading and unloading of the whole machine parts and components. Not only that, but even the operation is also simple, the function is clear, the operation panel is simple and easy to operate. Reduce the demand for labor, which can be applied to the egg food processing industry.

Not only that, but the cleaning efficiency of the duck egg washing machine is also very high, but it can also wash tens of thousands of eggs a day, and it is clean and zero damage. At the same time, it can be operated by one person, the efficiency is several times that of manual egg washing, and the power consumption is small!