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Working Process of Whole Egg Liquid Egg Beater

Date:2020-9-16      Author:Egg washing machine

The liquid egg beater has stable performance and is easy to clean. The equipment loads eggs from the water tank—egg cleaning—strong wind drying—light inspection—beating eggs—separating egg liquid—eggs shell. The produced egg liquid does not affect the frothiness of the production of cakes, which is the ideal equipment for baking enterprises. At the same time, it can also cooperate with the pasteurizer to produce qualified whole egg liquid, egg white liquid, and egg yolk liquid.

Features of egg knocking machine:

The special egg knocking machine has the characteristics of high efficiency and low loss rate. It is made of stainless steel to ensure food hygiene and safety. It is suitable for egg processing businesses such as restaurants and egg liquid exporters.

Egg Breaking And Separating Machine

This model has a working efficiency of 8000/hour, low noise, high egg extraction rate, and high processing energy efficiency. The eggshell does not pollute the egg liquid, which can be said to be a piece of ideal equipment for large egg and egg liquid processing enterprises.

Process method of egg breaker:

The automatic egg breaker has the function of separating egg yolk and egg white, and a filter device is installed before entering the egg liquid collection bucket to ensure that there is no eggshell debris in the egg liquid.

Egg knocking method: After the eggs in the egg tongs pass through the metal knock, the bottom of the egg opens, and the egg liquid falls into the egg liquid tray. The automatic beating machine can meet the needs of white and red preserved eggs. The yield rate of egg liquid is high, and the success rate of claw catching eggs is high.

After knocking the egg, the eggshell stays above the egg liquid collection tray for 5 seconds, allowing the egg liquid in the eggshell to enter the collection tray. The egg-beating device and the egg-liquid collection device of the egg-beating machine are exposed in the space for easy cleaning.