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Working Process of Egg Cleaning Machine

Date:2020-9-21      Author:Egg washing machine

Egg cleaning machine is a kind of cleaning and processing equipment for eggs, with good processing effect, stable and mature technology, and can reach ideal application standards.

The working principle of the egg cleaning machine is very simple, that is, the surface of various eggs is effectively cleaned through the action of water flow and bubbles. A large amount of clean water will be injected into the box, and the bubbles in the machine will be combined with water. A large number of bubbles, after the egg enters, it will come into contact with water and bubbles.

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After the egg enters the egg washing machine, it will continue to roll in the water under the push of bubbles and water flow and will continue to advance along with the push of the mesh belt. There is also a special nylon brush in the water, which can be gently, quickly, and effectively Brush off all kinds of attachments on the surface of the eggs to effectively clean the eggs.

When the eggs are sent out of the water, the egg washing machine is also equipped with a special spray switch, which can effectively wash the eggs under high pressure, rinse the dirty water from the surface of the eggs, and then air-dry, keep them fresh and spray code. After processing, the eggs will be beaten into good condition in one piece and can be sold at any time.

Due to advanced technology, reasonable design, large cleaning capacity, good degreasing effect, clean cleaning, no damage to materials, and remarkable effects, egg washing machines are becoming more and more popular in the egg processing industry. The egg washing machines manufactured by LIJUN Machinery Factory can Very high efficiency to achieve the cleaning effect, if necessary, please contact us: