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Why Process the Egg Liquid?

Date:2020-9-23      Author:Egg washing machine

Egg liquid: a liquid egg product made from fresh eggs as raw materials, washed and disinfected with eggshells, automatically beaten eggs, separated the yolk or albumen, and then pasteurized.

Products include pasteurized whole egg liquid, pasteurized egg yolk liquid, and pasteurized protein liquid. Due to the use of good technology and special packaging, the product shelf life can be up to 3 weeks.

Egg processing machine

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The advantages of processed egg liquid include:

Food special egg liquid-quality assurance:

Pasteurized egg products are hygienic and free of harmful bacteria. It can be stored for many days under refrigerated conditions and even several months after using additives. It can also be stored under freezing conditions. The use of mechanical separation makes the product have better functionality.

Special egg liquid for catering-safe, hygienic and convenient:

The product is analyzed before use and transported to the factory through the cold chain. There is no pollution source for the factory (no dirty shell eggs are brought into the factory). It is easy to add during the production process, reducing the risk of making mistakes in the batching process, and ensuring uniformity Consistency/reproducibility of the final product.

The egg liquid can be used directly in the production process, and there is no mess caused by egg beating or separation, and it is convenient to transport and store, and it is convenient to add to the final product. It can be purchased directly without going through a distributor.

Special Egg Liquid for Catering-Economy:

Egg liquid can effectively reduce labor costs and manual processing. Mechanical egg separation has a higher yield, reduces storage space, and reduces cleaning costs.

Lijun Machinery Factory has professional egg liquid processing equipment that can fully meet the above demand for egg liquid. Friends in need can contact us.

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Why Process the Egg Liquid?