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What are the Characteristics of Inedible Eggs?

Date:2020-9-30      Author:Egg washing machine

Eggs have a high nutritional value and are suitable for a variety of delicacies, but some eggs are not edible. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of those inedible eggs?

Cracked eggs: In the process of transportation, storage, and packaging, some eggs will cause cracks and cracks due to vibration and extrusion, which are easily invaded by bacteria. If they are left for a long time, they are not suitable for consumption.

Sticky-shell eggs: Due to the long storage time, the yolk membrane becomes weaker. The yolk is close to the eggshell. If the part is red, it can be eaten, but the egg membrane is close to the eggshell and it is deep outside the skin. Those who are black and have a peculiar smell should not eat it again.

Loose yolk: due to violent vibration during transportation, the yolk membrane ruptures, causing mechanical yellowing; or the storage time is too long, bacteria or mold invades the egg through the stomata of the eggshell, destroying the protein structure, causing loose yolk and thin egg liquid And cloudy. If the yellowing is not serious and there is no peculiar smell, it can still be eaten after high-temperature treatment such as decoction, but if bacteria multiply in the egg body, the protein has been denatured, and it cannot be eaten if it has a bad smell.

Method for preserving eggs

Stillbirth eggs: Eggs that are contaminated by bacteria or parasites during incubation, coupled with poor temperature and humidity conditions, cause embryos to stop developing eggs are called stillbirth eggs. The nutrition in this kind of egg has changed. If it dies for a long time, the protein will be broken down to produce a variety of toxic substances, so it is not suitable for consumption.

Rotten eggs: Due to the bacteria invading the eggs and multiplying, the eggshells are dark gray, and even the eggshells are broken due to the expansion of the internal hydrogen sulfide gas, and the mixture in the eggs is grayish-green or dark yellow with a foul smell This kind of eggs cannot be eaten, otherwise it will cause bacterial food poisoning.

Moldy eggs: Some eggs are exposed to rain or dampness, which will wash off the protective film on the surface of the eggshell, causing bacteria to invade the egg and become moldy, resulting in black spots and mold on the eggshell. This kind of egg is not suitable for buying and eating.

So how to properly clean eggs with dirt on the surface? Lijun Machinery Factory has done a lot of work in order to be able to clean the dirt on the surface of the eggs, and finally produced the egg washing machine, which not only can clean the eggs, but also adds a layer of food-grade after the cleaning work is completed. The edible film effectively protects the eggs from contamination by external bacteria and ensures food safety.