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Ways to extend the life of the egg washing machine

Date:2020-9-22      Author:Egg washing machine

Pour the eggs into the water tank, and the spray device in the water tank will initially clean the eggs.

After the egg enters the machine, it will continue to roll in the water under the push of bubbles and water flow and will continue to advance along with the push of the mesh belt. There is a special nylon brush in the water, which can gently, quickly, and effectively brush off various attachments on the surface of the egg, and effectively clean the egg.

Chicken Egg Washing Machine

After the initial cleaning, the conveyor roller of the water tank transports the egg products to the egg washer in turn, and then the spray device and brush of the egg washer will thoroughly clean the egg products.

After two cleanings, the cleaned eggs are transported to the egg collection water tank or egg collection workbench, and the staff will collect the container.

The cleaned eggs enter the 6-row air dry brush system. First, quickly brush most of the water on the eggs. The heating system provides constant temperature flowing hot air to quickly dry the eggs and sterilize them with ultraviolet rays. Then, through the 6-row light transmission test, abnormal eggs such as broken eggs, black-hearted eggs, and double-yellow eggs can be detected. These eggs were taken out by hand. After they are output to the packaging belt conveyor, the workers collect the bags on both sides for the next vacuum packaging process.