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Water Temperature Requirements of Egg Washing Machine

Date:2020-9-18      Author:Egg washing machine

The temperature of the water used in the egg washer is generally at least 11 degrees Celsius higher than the temperature of the egg itself and generally should not exceed 49 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the egg washing machine in winter should be operated at a water temperature higher than ten degrees Celsius and lower than fifty degrees Celsius.

If the water temperature is less than 10 degrees Celsius, it will shorten the portion of the egg close to the shell, forming a vacuum area inside to form an internal pressure difference, but the bacterial shell can easily enter the inside of the egg.

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Affect the cleaning function of the egg washer. If you put the eggs in hot water above 50 degrees for a long time, the eggs will be “cooked.” You can better clean the surface of the eggs with detergent, and make the eggs dry naturally after cleaning. If you want to preserve the eggs thoroughly, you must pay more attention to the water temperature of the egg cleaner to prevent the water temperature from affecting the quality of the eggs.

Will the shelf life of eggs washed with water be shortened?

There is a layer of eggshell protective film on the surface of eggs, which can isolate external bacteria and mold from entering the egg, effectively ensuring the safety of egg food. Once cleaned with water, this protective film will be artificially destroyed.

However, the egg washing machine manufactured by LIJUN Machinery Plant not only has the function of cleaning. After the cleaning is completed, another step is to spray a layer of food-grade wax on the eggs, which can isolate the intrusion of external bacteria, thereby ensuring that the eggs can be Have a longer storage time. So as long as the eggs are sprayed with food-grade wax after washing the eggs, there is no need to worry about the shelf life.