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Versatile eggshell powder

Date:2021-2-20      Author:Egg washing machine

In the previous article, we shared 15 uses for eggshells, and today we will introduce eggshell powder wide uses.

Eggshell powder is a powdered product made from discarded eggshells. It is rich in inorganic salts and a small number of organic substances. It can be mixed into the feed and fed to livestock and poultry to supplement calcium deficiency and promote the growth and development of livestock and poultry.

Eggshell powder is widely used in food calcium source addition, feed addition, daily chemical processing, cleaning, fertilizer, and other fields. The production and utilization of eggshell powder, turning waste into treasure, has important economic value to the sustainable development of recycling ecology.

eggshell powder

1. Calcium and bone

Eggshell powder is a powdery substance obtained after processing and grinding the eggshell as the main raw material. This substance contains a large amount of calcium carbonate and some sodium bicarbonate, which can be directly taken orally and can play a significant calcium supplementation effect. It can promote the development of human bones, and can also enhance bone density. It has obvious preventive effects on childhood rickets and high-incidence osteoporosis in middle-aged and elderly people.

2. Used as fertilizer

Adding eggshell powder to the soil can improve the physical properties of the soil, make it looser, and enhance permeability and drainage. So that the soil is conducive to the growth of roots and branches. At the same time, the soil is favorable
For the growth of microorganisms. The growth activity of microorganisms can decompose the organic matter present in the soil, so plants can use nutrients and grow stronger.

3. Convergence and stop diarrhea

The eggshell powder can converge and relieve diarrhea after being eaten. Usually, it can be used for the prevention and treatment of human gastroenteritis, 12-finger ulcers, and gastric ulcers. For prevention, you can drink the eggshell powder with water. When treating these diseases, It needs to be fried before eating.

4. Used as an abrasive for toothpaste

The content of calcium carbonate is absolutely dominant in eggshells, one of the commonly used abrasives in toothpaste. The amount of abrasive in toothpaste accounts for 20% to 60%, and the amount of calcium carbonate accounts for 50%. Use lightweight Calcium carbonate is much cheaper than an abrasive. In addition, light calcium carbonate is weakly alkaline and can neutralize acidic metabolites produced by plaque bacteria, so the oral pH can be reduced to 5.5.

5. Nourish delicate skin

Eggshell powder also has excellent cosmetic effects. Usually, it can be directly applied to people’s facial skin, which can promote the regeneration of new skin cells and soften the cutin. Regular use can make people’s skin more delicate, smooth, and elastic. In addition, the eggshell powder can prevent the accumulation of pigments, and it has a certain lightening effect on people’s facial skin spots.

6. Used in the food industry

The eggshell powder can be used in food. Can be used as a calcium enhancer. Add eggshell powder to bread, noodles, cakes, and sausages to increase its strength. When frying, mixing the eggshell powder with food can make food becomes crispy. The eggshell powder can also be used as a hardener for water, a deacidified for beverages, etc.

A highly automated egg crusher, eggshell, and liquid separator, and eggshell grinder can be used to separate the eggshell and liquid, and then process the eggshell into powder.

7. Anti-inflammatory, sterilizing, swelling, and pain relief

Eggshells have a certain medicinal value. It contains a variety of natural anti-inflammatory and sterilizing ingredients. Usually, when people have trauma, they can directly apply eggshell powder to the wound, which can reduce inflammation and relieve pain and prevent wound infection. In addition, when people suffer from burns and scalds in life, they can also apply the eggshell powder directly to the affected area, which can reduce swelling and relieve pain and accelerate the healing of the wound.

You can choose an egg breaking machine and egg breaker &separator machine if you need to separate eggshell and liquid before making eggshell powder. If you need these two machines, please contact us.

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