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Types of Lijun Egg Processing Equipment

Date:2020-9-2      Author:Egg washing machine

Types of Lijun egg processing equipment have corresponding machines from boiling eggs to peeling shells. The specific information of each link of the machine is introduced below.

Automatic egg boiling and peeling system: It is a device that can automatically cook and peel eggs. The cooking time can be adjusted according to the size of the egg, and then the eggs can be separated quickly and cleanly by mechanized shelling. Shell, and will not damage the egg white, easy, and efficient to complete the process of egg shelling.

Types Of Lijun Egg Processing Equipment

Egg peeling machine: Mainly composed of a shell breaking mechanism, a peeling mechanism, and a cleaning mechanism. Pour the boiled eggs into the hopper, the elevator will send them into the shell breaking machine, and the effect of shell breaking is achieved by the rotation of the rocker. Finally, use a pressing plate that moves up and down and a set of rollers to send the eggs to the peeling machine to achieve the peeling effect. Eggs can be peeled efficiently with almost no damage and can be used in egg processing lines or used alone.

Egg breaking machine: The Egg breaking machine has a rotating disc type, and the processing speed varies according to the diameter of the disc. There are two types of egg beaters in Lijun Machinery Factory: one is a direct beater, and the other is an egg beater that can separate egg white and yolk.

Egg cleaning machine: used for cleaning eggs, it has the function of rapid cleaning and disinfection, which can eliminate many kinds of bacteria and harmful substances inevitable in the production of poultry, and ensure the safety of eggs.

Egg liquid filter: A tool used to beat egg white and egg yolk into egg liquid, and to beat egg white and egg yolk into the foam. It can easily and quickly decompose egg white and egg yolk into egg liquid. There are two commonly used egg mixers: manual mixers and electric mixers.

Quail egg peeling machine: The quail egg peeling machine adopts a low energy consumption motor, which has low power consumption but high efficiency(How To Boil And Peel Quail Eggs Quickly?). It has high peeling efficiency and a low egg breaking rate. The body is made of food-grade stainless steel, and the peeler is exquisite and durable. The quail egg peeling machine is cheap, easy to use, and easy to clean.

With the unique frame design of the egg peeler, the peeling sleeve can be used for a long time. The quail egg peeling machine is small in size, does not occupy space, and can run continuously.