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Top Ten Events of Egg Production Company in 2020

Date:2021-1-5      Author:Egg washing machine

Keep up with the pulse of the times, present the latest developments in the global poultry industry, and take you back to the top ten global events of the egg production company in 2020. (in chronological order)

01. French egg giant Avril (Avril) Group

On February 5th, the French egg giant Avril Group announced that it has joined the IBM cloud blockchain platform, making its only egg brand Matines face consumers with a new image. The information of organic eggs, free-range eggs, free-range red-labeled eggs, native eggs, and ordinary eggs can be traced throughout the entire process, including the breeding method of the laying hens, the date of laying, the date of receipt of the eggs by the packaging plant, the date of packaging, the date of delivery, and various distributions The storage date of the channel, etc., can also obtain information on the nutrition and quality of eggs, and the gourmet cooking methods tailored for Matines brand eggs.

02. Metro Group, Germany

Metro Group, Germany

On February 19, the German Metro Group announced that it will gradually implement a plan to purchase non-caged eggs around the world. Stores in Western and Southern Europe will be completed by 2022, stores in Eastern Europe including Russia and Ukraine will be completed in 2025, and stores in other parts of the world including China will be completed by 2027. By then, Metro’s nearly 100 stores in China will only sell non-caged eggs and liquid egg products from non-caged eggs.

03. Ise Food Co., Ltd.

In early March, Japan’s Ise Foods Co., Ltd. announced that it was preparing to conduct egg production tests in Bangkok, Thailand, and plans to apply to the Thai Food and Drug Administration to start full production as soon as possible. Ise Foods, which is world-renowned for its functional eggs, has developed eggs rich in DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) for 30 years, and finally, put on this functional food label in July 2019. Once launched, it won hot purchases from consumers, which in turn led to its decision to cooperate with large supermarket chains.

04. American Cal-Maine Food Company

Retail eggs

On March 28, the American Cal-Maine Food Company completed the acquisition of the remaining shares of its holding subsidiary Texas Egg Company, and the scale continued to expand; at the end of the 2020 fiscal year (May 30), Cal-Maine Chicken The breeding scale (including chicks, layers, and breeders) increased from 45.8 million at the end of the fiscal year 2019 to 50.8 million, ranking first among the world’s top egg companies.

05. Dutch retail giant Jumbo supermarket chain

On April 23, the Dutch retail giant Jumbo supermarket chain sold “RespEGGt” (RespEGGt) to consumers for the first time, which is produced after the hens and chicks hatched from the breeding egg embryo sex identification incubation system developed by the German Select company. Eggs. According to data released by Select, as of March 2020, the use of this incubation technology has successfully provided more than 1 million 1-day-old chicks to the layer industry chain. The “counter-attack eggs” produced by them have been bred in Germany. It is sold in more than 6,000 supermarkets in Japan, the Netherlands, and France.

06. Yellow Swan, a brand of China Fengji Ecological Agriculture

Yellow Swan

On May 8, the “Introduction of Japan’s 38 Years of Raw Egg Standards” press conference for the Yellow Swan brand under China’s Fengji Ecological Agriculture was held in Shanghai, marking the launch of the enterprise standard for raw food-grade fresh eggs in China, and upgrading the quality of Chinese eggs. The construction has brought a new atmosphere. The Japanese Standard for Raw Eggs is a high-tech full-process quality management system. The yellow swan uses German Roman provenance to control Salmonella from the chicken seedlings and initially completes the entire production chain quality control system.

07. French media reported that eggs were infected with Salmonella

On May 13, many French media reported that more than 535,000 branded eggs sold in many supermarkets and retail stores such as Auchan and Carrefour have been recalled for suspected salmonella infection. This incident involved Machines, the only egg brand under the French Avril Lavigne Group. As well as many other egg brands such as Eco+ and Netto, these eggs are recommended to be eaten from April 26 to May 14, 2020, and most of them come from a farm in the province of Landes in southwestern France.

08. German retail giant Aldi Group

Aldi Group

On July 7, the German retail giant Aldi Group (known as the “Ole” supermarket in China) reached cooperation with PLANKTON to use PLANTON’s development of egg embryo sex gene identification technology to promote the implementation of counter-attack by stakeholders in the egg supply chain 1-day old young cock acts. Earlier, Aldi announced that by the end of 2022, all its stores in Germany will stop purchasing eggs produced by laying hens from the culling cockerel hatching system and achieve 100% purchase of counter-culling eggs.

09. Double 11 e-commerce event

The outbreak of the new crown epidemic has further promoted the popularity of e-commerce. During Double 11 this year, the sales of domestic brand eggs “Yellow Swan” on Tmall and exceeded 109,000, occupying the first place in the sales volume of raw eggs, and it increased by 488% from 618 this year.

Shengdi Lecun ranked first in total fresh egg sales on Tmall & JD during Double 11, and sold more than 14.8 million eggs on the entire network, surpassing the combined sales of second to fifth place.

Deqingyuan, a leading domestic egg company, has a total of nearly 20 million yuan in transactions on platforms such as JD and Tmall on Double 11, and sales and sales on Double 11 have increased by 208.7% and 126.8% respectively from the same period in 2019 on Double 11, ranking second on the egg list. 3.2 times of the first place and 3.38 times of the third place, becoming the champion of egg category sales across the network.

10. Deqingyuan (Sichuan Jianyang) Golden Rooster Industry Aid Farm


At 12:4 on December 3, in Asia’s largest egg production base-Deqingyuan (Sichuan Jianyang) Golden Rooster Industry Aid Farm, the first “initial egg” was born, which marked the birth of the Asian monomer. The largest modern layer breeding base is full “production”. The total inventory of the project can reach 4 million (including 1 million young chickens and 3 million laying hens). It is the 25th golden chicken poverty alleviation project of Deqingyuan in the country and can produce more than 850 million eggs per year. , It can also produce 180,000 tons of mixed feed and 50,000 tons of organic fertilizer, forming an ecological closed loop of the entire industrial chain from product purchase to feed processing, from ecological breeding to waste treatment, from organic fertilizer sales to green planting.