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Tips for Cleaning and Storing Eggs in Daily Life

Date:2020-9-3      Author:Egg washing machine

In daily life, we often encounter situations where we need to clean and store eggs. Here are a few tips for you.

Tips for cleaning eggshells

Dipping eggs in warm vinegar can remove stubborn stains. A cloth dampened with cooking oil can clean the eggshells and also make them attractive. It also extends the shelf life of non-refrigerated eggs by sealing the pores. Place the egg tip down to keep it fresh and tender.

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Dry cleaned eggs: If possible, dry clean your eggs. This means using a dry and slightly abrasive thing to wipe off the dirt or feces until the egg is clean. This method keeps most of the flowers intact. Use a sanding sponge, loofah, fine sandpaper, or some type of abrasive sponge to dry clean eggs. You should disinfect the sponge or loofah regularly, or discard the old one and replace it with a new one.

Wet clean eggs: If your eggs are too dirty or uncomfortable, dry clean them (if the yolk in the feces or broken eggs dries up, it is almost impossible to clean them). In this case, you can choose wet washing.

Make sure to use water that is hotter than the egg: medium temperature-not hot, but not warm.

Do not immerse or put eggs in water. The best way is to rinse the eggs with running water under the tap. Another method is to put the eggs in a washing machine pan or wire basket with warm water, let them sit down, and then dry them all at once with a dry paper towel.

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Put the clean eggs in another basket or plate. Use a disinfectant spray for this step, using a spray mixture of bleach diluted in water. Then let the eggs lay flat on a shelf or basket or washing machine.

Store eggs:

After cleaning, make sure to store the eggs in a clean carton or hanger. Unwashed eggs can be stored on the counter for several weeks and then washed immediately before cooking. Some people find that un-refrigerated eggs taste better. However, once you wash them, refrigerate your eggs immediately if you don’t cook them immediately.

For large-scale egg processing plants, the above methods can no longer be used. Such labor costs are too high. Therefore, in order to reduce the investment cost of egg processing plants, Lijun designed and manufactured an egg washing machine, which can complete the cleaning process automatically(egg cleaning machine). It greatly reduces many links in the production and processing of egg products. If you have trouble in this regard, please contact Lijun Machinery Factory. We are very happy to solve the problem for you.