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The Production Method of Aseptic Liquid Egg

Date:2020-9-23      Author:Egg washing machine

Liquid eggs are a kind of mixture, as a substitute for whole shell eggs, to achieve commercial purposes, it must be sterilized to make it a pathogen-free food with a long storage life.

The production method of aseptic liquid egg:

Liquid egg sterilization is usually heated to at least 60 degrees Celsius for 3.5 minutes to produce a salmonella-free liquid egg. At the same time, this process also effectively inhibits the growth of other microorganisms.

In order to extend the storage period of liquid eggs, thoroughly sterilize liquid eggs, and get rid of the restriction of secondary pollution in the aseptic packaging process, Lijun Machinery Factory provides a method of producing aseptic liquid eggs, which is to seal the original egg In the container, the airtight container containing the egg liquid is heated, and the temperature of the liquid egg is raised to the pasteurization temperature for sterilization. After the sterilization, the packaged product is quickly cooled to -2 to 5°C.

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The process of aseptic liquid egg processing is to place the original egg solution in a tank or tank. The original egg solution in the tank or tank is added with a substance that destroys bacteria, which can be preheated in a preheating device, that is, the temperature of the original product is increased to About 60 degrees Celsius is the typical pasteurization temperature.

Then the preheated or non preheated liquid eggs are packaged in an airtight container. The airtight container can be a plastic bottle, metal can, plastic bag, glass jar, etc., or any other airtight packaging.

In the heating and sterilization process, in order to prevent the egg liquid from coagulating, stirring technology can be used. After sterilization, the packaged product is sent from the sterilization room to the cooling room, and the temperature should be quickly cooled to the cooling temperature to inhibit the growth of bacterial spores in the eggs. The temperature range should be controlled The temperature is below 5°C, and it is only required to be in the range of -2 to 5°C.

In addition, in order to improve the convective heat transfer effect of the heating room, the sterilization room, and the cooling room, a certain pressure must be maintained. The pressure device applies the necessary pressure to the heating room, the sterilization room, and the cooling room.

The above is the whole process of the production method of aseptic liquid eggs. If you want to know more about the contents or products of egg liquid processing machinery, you can directly check the website of Lijun Machinery Factory for understanding and purchase.