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The Processing Method of Liquid Egg

Date:2020-9-16      Author:Egg washing machine

Liquid egg processing plants are the place to process the production of liquid eggs. Here we introduce the processing method of liquid egg.

Liquid egg processing: Liquid eggs are separated from the eggshells after breaking the eggshells, and after filtering, sterilizing, adding sugar or salt, cooling, and other processes, they are packed in glassware or plastic bottles.

Liquid eggs can be divided into whole eggs (containing egg white and egg yolk) and egg liquid containing only white or egg yolk.

At present, liquid eggs are manufactured by a mechanized process and stored at low temperature after being made. The selection, processing, storage, and sales of fresh eggs are carried out in accordance with strict hygiene rules, and the quality is safe and reliable.

The processing method of liquid egg:

Electrolyze the mixed solution containing 0.1%~0.2% HCl by mass percentage and 0.4%~0.8% NaCl by mass percentage for 8 minutes to obtain weakly acidic potential water with pH 5.5~6.5 and an effective chlorine concentration of 200mg/L;

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According to the weak acid potential water: add deionized water to the step weak acid potential water to obtain diluted potential water with an effective chlorine concentration of 20-100 mg/L, and store it in a light-proof sealed container at room temperature for later use;

Rinse the fresh, intact shell of poultry eggs with tap water at 10~30℃ to make the shell free of dirt;
Put the washed poultry eggs in diluted electric potential water, soak for 3 to 5 minutes, then remove them and rinse with sterile water to drain;

The poultry eggs are broken and shelled in an aseptic environment, the yolk and the egg white are separated from the shelled poultry egg liquid, and the separated egg yolk is individually weighed(egg breaker & separator), and then put into a special ultra-high pressure bag; after separation Stir the egg white evenly, and then weigh the egg white according to a certain proportion of the weight of the egg yolk and add it to the above-mentioned special ultra-high pressure bag;

The ultra-high pressure special bag containing the liquid egg mixture is subjected to ultra-high pressure processing to obtain liquid eggs, wherein the pressure of the ultra-high pressure processing is 100-500Mpa, and the pressure holding time is 5-10 minutes. This is the whole process of liquid egg processing.