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The Operation Method of the Portable Egg Breaker

Date:2020-9-10      Author:Egg washing machine

When the portable egg breaker produced by Lijun Machinery Factory is operated, the agitator can achieve high-speed rotation and forced whipping. The materials to be blended are in full contact with each other and violently rubbed. After the egg breaker is beaten to form egg liquid, it will enter In the egg liquid cup, the egg white and egg yolk are automatically separated to produce egg white liquid and egg yolk liquid. Realize the function of mixing, emulsifying, aerating, and removing part of water.

The operation method of the Portable egg breaker

The egg breaker needs to check whether the power cord is damaged before the normal operation, check the line and the machine for leakage, liveness, and other phenomena, and carefully clean up other items on and around the machine. If there is a problem, notify the relevant personnel in time, And report to the maintenance department to repair it before use.

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The egg breaker is only allowed to be operated by one person, and it is strictly forbidden for two persons to operate at the same time. When the machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to put the knife or hand into the barrel, and it must be stopped before shifting to avoid unnecessary accidents. During maintenance, the power supply must be cut off. When it is used up for cleaning, it is strictly forbidden to flush water to the electrical part.

In the event of a malfunction, do not disassemble it by yourself, and must immediately report to the maintenance department for repair. In the process of maintenance and maintenance, it is necessary to notify professional personnel to carry out the operation. It must be cleaned in time after each use to facilitate the next use.

When the portable egg breaker starts to use, the following requirements must be observed:

Be sure to put the materials according to the process operation rules and start the mixing operation; the egg breaker must follow the process operation rules during operation, and do not over-temperature, over-pressure, or overload operation; if there is over-temperature, over-pressure, overload, etc. For abnormal situations, corresponding treatment measures should be taken immediately in accordance with the process regulations.

Feed according to the material ratio specified in the process, and control the feeding and heating speed in a balanced manner to prevent the reaction in the egg breaker due to the wrong ratio or the feeding too fast, and abnormal conditions such as over-temperature. When the egg breaker is accelerating and decelerating, the operation must be stable to avoid sudden superimposition of temperature stress and pressure stress and avoid deformation or damage to the equipment.

The purpose of the design of the portable egg breaker is to be convenient and convenient, with little environmental restriction, and to complete the egg breaking task easily and quickly with the sales share.