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The Importance of Egg Preservation and Processing Equipment

Date:2020-9-3      Author:Egg washing machine

Eggs have excellent emulsification properties, thermal coagulation properties, adhesive properties, foaming properties, etc., making them an ideal partner for industrialized food. The eggs used in the food industry cannot be directly beaten in with raw eggs, but products produced by professional egg products companies.

egg preservation and processing equipment

The adjustment and changes in the structure of poultry and egg breeding have created a large number of leading agricultural industrialization enterprises engaged in the production and processing of poultry eggs. Professional farmers in rural areas have also adjusted their breeding scale and structure in due course, which has promoted the stability of egg production and quality. Improvement.

The importance of egg preservation and processing equipment

There is a food safety issue here because fresh eggs carry Salmonella, coupled with layers of pollution during transportation, etc., when the eggshell is knocked open to take the egg liquid, it may contaminate the egg liquid. Therefore, it is only a clean and aseptic process of extracting egg liquid, forming a professional industry in the food industry(Egg processing machine). Of course, this is the reason why  LIJUN Machinery Plant manufacturer manufactures egg washing machines, only for the egg food industry to use cleaner egg products.

However, egg products still need to be sold through the terminal market to bring value to the company. Egg products not only bring different values ​​to the company with the changes in the market but also bring corresponding negative added value to the company with the changes of the seasons. That is Eggs will have some physical and chemical changes with the storage time and the temperature of the storage environment. Once they lose their nutritional value, they lose their edible value.

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Utilizing the emulsifying properties of eggs, mayonnaise, salad dressing, juice, ice cream, etc. can be processed. Using the heat denaturation and coagulability of eggs, it can be used as a binding agent, a strengthening agent for noodles, and an anti-dehydration agent for food in the production of ham, sausage, and surimi products. In addition, the adhesiveness of protein can maintain the original flavor of aquatic products in surimi products, and it can improve its elasticity and texture when used in livestock and poultry foods.

At the same time, it is used in food ingredients such as cakes, biscuits, bread, noodles, and cold drink products to play the role of seasoning, fermentation, and emulsification. Protein powder and egg yolk powder separate the egg white and the yolk, which can be adapted to the needs of different products. As for the production of hard-boiled eggs, the soft or hard yolk can be cooked according to customer requirements, and then filmed, shelled, cut, packaged, and finished Factory.