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The Function and Medicinal Value of Quail Eggshell

Date:2021-2-8      Author:Egg washing machine

Everyone knows that quail eggs are an egg ingredient with high nutritional value and excellent nourishing effects, but do you know about quail eggshells? Do you know what quail eggshells do? In the eyes of many people, quail eggshells cannot be eaten. In fact, it is not the case. Quail eggshells are not only edible but also have many uses in life. Below I will specifically show you the functions of quail eggshells.

Quail Eggshell

The role of quail eggshell

1. Quail eggshells can reduce inflammation and relieve pain

Anti-inflammatory and analgesic are one of the important functions of quail eggshells. After drying them, they are ground into a fine powder and used directly for external use. They can treat trauma, prevent wound infections, and can also reduce inflammation, and relieve pain. Also, the film inside the quail eggshell can also treat human burns and quickly relieve pain.

2. Quail eggshells can treat rickets

The most important ingredient in quail eggshells is calcium carbonate. It also contains some sodium carbonate and hydrogen phosphate. After they are made into a fine powder, they can be taken orally directly, which can promote the development of children’s bones and quickly relieve the symptoms of rickets.

3. Quail eggshells can cure gastrointestinal diseases

Quail eggshells also have a very good therapeutic effect on human gastrointestinal diseases. Usually, quail eggshells can be ground into a powder and directly sent with boiling water to take it. It can effectively relieve diarrhea. Take it before or after meals. Treat human stomachaches. At the same time, the ground quail eggshell has a good conditioning effect on human gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer and also has a good effect on the adverse symptoms of gastric acid.

4. Quail eggshell can cure dizziness

Quail eggshells also have a significant therapeutic effect on women’s high incidence of dizziness. During treatment, quail eggshells can be ground into a fine powder, put together with licorice powder, and mix thoroughly, then add an appropriate amount of rice wine, and directly mix with warm water.