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The Cleaning Efficiency of the Egg Washer is Reduced?

Date:2020-9-18      Author:Egg washing machine

Many customers who have used the egg washer for a period of time will report to Lijun Machinery Factory that the cleaning efficiency of the egg washer has decreased. So what is causing this?

Egg Cleaning Machine Egg Processing Equipments

First of all, the overall design of the egg washer should be optimized. The design of the egg washer is a key factor affecting the cleaning efficiency of the egg washer. When designing, we need to consider the individual size and type of the egg, so in order to meet the compatibility of the egg washer We have to make a lot of sacrifices, so we should continue to optimize the design of the egg washer.

The second is to choose high-quality accessories. There are many parts inside the egg washer that are very easy to wear. For example, the brush roller is very easy to wear part of the egg washer, and under many conditions, the working efficiency of the egg washer is reduced. The key factor is the poor quality of the brush roller of the egg washer. Therefore, choosing high-quality accessories will help improve the operating efficiency of the egg washer.

The last is our operation because many parts of the egg washer can be adjusted manually, so we are likely to make the machine in an unstable operation state during the adjustment process. It is inevitable that stability and mission have a certain influence.

The role of the egg washing machine is to clean egg products, mainly duck eggs, eggs, etc. It can not only clean the surface of the eggs but also extend the preservation time of the eggs. This is the reason why you choose the Lijun egg washer to clean the eggs.

Of course, in order not to disappoint you, we have also spent a lot of thought on the materials and accessories of the egg washer, doing our best to make the product more efficient, and at the same time make the cleaning process more convenient.