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The Advantages of Egg Liquid Processing Line

Date:2020-9-4      Author:Egg washing machine

Egg breaker is an important machine in the formation of the egg liquid processing line. There are many advantages to forming an egg liquid processing line. This article mainly introduces the advantages of having a small egg liquid processing line.

Egg breaker has a significant market share because, in the United States, about 30% of egg production is processed into liquid and frozen products for retail, food service, food manufacturing, and export markets. And the processing of these eggs requires an egg breaker.

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The advantages of egg liquid processing line

Improve product utilization: the process is broken eggs, cracked eggs, etc. into high value-added, high safety egg liquid products
Expand the scope of users: food manufacturers who use eggs as raw materials can be your target customers
Expand product categories: egg deep processing companies can use liquid eggs as a new product production line

The liquid egg processing plant uses a fully automatic egg breaker, which speeds up a lot of manual operation time and increases productivity compared with manual egg beating. (Lijun egg breaking machine)

At the same time, this small egg liquid processing production line also uses a pasteurization system, which not only extends the shelf life of the product but also retains the original functional characteristics of the fresh egg to the greatest extent, while also ensuring the hygienic quality of the product.