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Summary of common use problems of household eggbeater

Date:2020-8-20      Author:Egg washing machine

Since some of their own eggbeaters have always found that there are always small problems, such as: why some newly installed eggbeaters will have “odor” when they are powered on, and some eggbeaters No “odor”? Can it be used to batter? Is it possible to beat butter? Is it possible to send cream for decoration? Is it tangled and troubled, in fact, I don’t understand at first because I can’t sleep for the night that is entangled with some small problems! Time is a good thing, it has made me discover continuously, so the editor summarized, these should be of great help to you!

1. Why do some newly-opened eggbeaters have “odors” when they are powered on, and some do not have “odors”?

This “odor” is caused by the friction between the carbon brush inside the machine and the motor rotor. When the machine is used several times, the taste will naturally disappear. In addition, some products are tested before leaving the factory, and one of the procedures is the power-on test. Sometimes there is no way to 100% test for various reasons, so occasionally some machines will have “odor”. The proof of no odor has been tested before leaving the factory.

2. Can it be used to batter?

Yes, it needs to be very thin, like paste, but not like dough. Because its main function is still “stirring”, the dough will break the eggbeater, don’t try it.

3. Can butter be beaten?

No, the block butter can easily get stuck between the two mixing heads, causing the mixing head to break and damage.

4. Is it possible to send the decorating cream?

Yes, the passing time is generally about 10-20 minutes, and the success of “don’t fall down with chopsticks” is successful

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