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Use Egg Cleaning Machine to Sterilize to Ensure Food Safety

Date:2020-9-9      Author:Egg washing machine

The egg cleaning machine is mainly used for cleaning and disinfection eggs. The way to prevent eggs from being contaminated is to quickly clean and disinfect the eggs after they are laid, to kill harmful bacteria, remove their pollutants, and completely eliminate a variety of bacteria and harmful substances that are inevitable in the production of poultry.

How to use the egg cleaning machine to clean and disinfect eggs?

Egg Cleaning Machine Egg Processing Equipments

First, use disinfectant water to soak and disinfect: according to the number of eggs, add the set amount of water required, and calculate its weight. According to the weight of the water and the instructions for use of the disinfectant powder, calculate the weight of the disinfectant powder needed.

Dilute the required disinfectant powder with a little water and mix well, stir well for later use, transfer the tested eggs to the plastic basket, and put them in the disinfection tank in turn. After each basket of eggs is put in the water, the plastic basket should be gently shaken Shake for 1 minute, then let stand and soak for 20 minutes.

Remove the completely disinfected eggs from the disinfection tank, soak them in clean water for 5 minutes, and drain the water before use.

The second method of disinfection is ultraviolet sterilization: the eggs that have been cleaned of surface dirt are drained and sterilized with ultraviolet rays for about 30 minutes to achieve the purpose of cleaning the eggshell surface and preventing cross-contamination.

This is the method of using an egg cleaning machine for disinfection. Have you learned it? Would you like to know more about the Egg cleaning machine? You can visit the Lijun Machinery Factory.