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Selection and Maintenance of Egg Breaker Machinery

Date:2021-1-19      Author:Egg washing machine

Egg breaker machinery is a machine often used in the egg production industry. The selection and maintenance of egg breaker machinery have a lot of knowledge. This article teaches you how to select and maintain egg breaker machinery.

Commercial egg beater

Why use egg breaker machinery?

You can imagine: the chefs in the catering department have to beat thousands of catties of eggs by hand every day, and then stir and filter them. It takes at least half a day to complete all the procedures! Eggs after refrigeration are not easy to stir, but they must be stirred and filtered to prevent broken eggshells from being left in the egg liquid. It was a bit overwhelming and a waste of manpower to persevere in the first half day.

At this time, if you have egg breaker machinery, you can solve the above problems. Egg breaker machinery can save time and human resources.

Just one person puts the eggs on the conveyor belt, and the machine can imitate the manual egg knocking action, and realize the continuous operation of “collecting eggs, knocking eggs, breaking shells, separating, throwing shells” and other links, automatically “knock-in seconds” and complete in one hour 3,600 eggs knocked on. In addition, the front end of the machine conveyor belt is equipped with light inspection, which can quickly identify spoiled eggs; egg cups are separated after knocking eggs to reduce eggshell fragmentation into the egg liquid; the robot detours 300 degrees to improve the egg liquid extraction rate; The machine can quickly stir the egg liquid. While the egg knocking machine greatly improves production efficiency, it also ensures food safety and hygiene.

Precautions for selecting egg breaker machinery

In order to buy a cheap and good egg shelling machine, you must look for the manufacturer. After all, different egg shelling machine manufacturers have differences in the production process level, egg shelling machine, and material selection.

Relying on safe and high-quality service, and with the continuous development of the company, the stainless steel egg breaking machine introduced by the egg breaking machine has been debugged. The egg breaker machinery produced is not only of high quality but also more complete.

Features of egg breaker machinery

The peeled egg is separated from the eggshell, the egg surface will not be scratched, and the egg breakage rate is low
The price is low, and the eggshell can be peeled off quickly and cleanly, saving manpower and money.
Easy to use, safe and hygienic, high efficiency
The product is made of stainless steel, easy to clean
Beautiful appearance, compact and durable
The structure of the egg sheller is lightweight, easy to move, and does not take up space.

Egg breaker machinery maintenance

How to maintain the egg breaker? The egg breaker is a kind of machine, it is the machine that needs to do routine maintenance, so as to make the machine live longer.

Friends who have seen the egg beater know that the body and parts of the egg beater are made of stainless steel workpieces. After use, pay attention to cleaning, so as to ensure the cleanliness of the egg beater and extend the beat. The service life of the egg machine. In addition, please note that the power supply must be unplugged when unnecessary to avoid damage to the egg beater.