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Salted Duck Egg Mud-Coating Machine: Egg Processing Machine

Date:2020-9-8      Author:Egg washing machine

The salted duck egg mud-coating machine can solve the problem of automatic feeding and rotating of the eggs in the mud trough. The production efficiency is high. The manual only needs to put the eggs to fish the eggs, and the labor intensity is low; the egg blocking the net plate can avoid the continuous collision of the eggs and reduce the damage rate.

Process flow of salted duck egg mud-coating machine

The salted duck egg mud wrapping machine only needs to manually pour the adjusted mud into the mud tank, then pour a certain amount of fresh eggs into the mud, and turn on the equipment; the stirring device drives the mud to rotate when it rotates, and the eggs are fully wrapped in the mud. Avoid the mud and the salt and spices in the mud from causing unevenness in the mud coating of poultry eggs; the egg blocking net will block the mud-wrapped eggs, which can be directly removed manually to avoid continuous rotation of poultry eggs in the mud trough and damage; The device has a simple structure and is convenient to use.

Salted Duck Egg Mud-Coating Machine: Egg Processing Machine

Salted duck egg masher, the order of the eggs on the mud mixer: automatically arranged horizontally by automatic self-aligning rubber wheels; electronic grading of mud mixer: electronic weighing system to classify duck eggs by weight; conveyor belt of mud mixer and mud mixer: right The classified eggs are transported to the masher; the eggs are mashed: the mashing mixer rotates the mash, and the Hui masher is introduced to manually collect the eggs(Egg Washing Machine Suppliers: Washing Duck Eggs).

Salted Duck Egg Mud-Coating Machine

Salted duck eggs are made of fresh duck eggs as the main raw material, and then processed with spices and salt, and other auxiliary materials plus blending soil; in the production process of salted duck eggs, mud coating is a very critical step. At present, most processing plants still use artificial wearing The method of mud-wrapping with gloves is very inefficient, and the damage rate of salted duck eggs is also very high.

The introduction of egg cleaning products has changed the traditional processing technology, and the egg processing industry has since moved towards large-scale and industrialized production. The assembly line production technology will greatly improve production efficiency. The reduction of logistics operations in multiple links not only saves labor, but also reduces damage, and the economic benefits are self-evident(Salted Duck Egg Peeling Machine).

Since then, the image of traditional processing has been changed, which is in line with modern food production standards. High-yield, high-efficiency production, reducing labor costs, and labor intensity. With the combination of assembly-line production and process management, the traditional egg processing industry has since changed, and it has become stronger and bigger.