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Salted Duck Egg Bag Vacuum Packaging Machine

Date:2020-9-8      Author:Egg washing machine

The salted duck egg bagging vacuum packaging machine is a fully automated vacuum packaging machinery and equipment. It is also a compact machine and equipment that can realize automatic feeding, automatic bagging, vacuuming, and sealing mechanical equipment.

In terms of the working process of the vacuum packaging machine, in the packaging process, after adding the salted duck egg washing machine and the egg picker, the overall working process does not require manual operation. The mechanical equipment takes the bag, supports the bag, feeds, vacuums, seals, and performs Work in an infinite loop.

Salted Duck Egg Bag Vacuum Packaging Machine

For salted duck egg products, the purpose of using salted duck eggs to pack the products in the bag vacuum packaging machine is that after the salted duck eggs are vacuum packed, the food can have a long shelf life, so it can be stored for a long time and increase the shelf life and freshness. Conducive to storage and logistics transportation. The principle of use is that the vacuum packaging machine can automatically extract the air in the packaging bag, and perform the sealing step after booking the vacuum.

Salted duck egg bag vacuum packaging machine

Because the salted duck egg bag vacuum packaging machine uses pre-made bags for packaging, that is, the salted duck egg bag vacuum packaging machine can be used for packaging. If the salted duck egg is not damaged before packaging, then the product packaged according to the equipment is damaged The rate is 0, which is unmatched by other automated packaging equipment.

Even though the stretch film vacuum packaging machine is also a highly automated mechanical equipment when the salted duck egg enters the upper film sealing area, it is The contact between the membrane shell and the salted duck egg will also cause damage.

Regarding the bag-type vacuum packaging machine for salted duck eggs, the manufacturer fully considers the vacuum degree of the salted duck eggs and the neatness and beauty of the packaged products when redesigning the production and manufacturing. The packaging effect is neat and beautiful, and it is warmly welcomed by customers.

The salted duck egg vacuum packaging machine has high production efficiency. The salted duck egg can work 70 bags per minute for the bag-type vacuum packaging machine. In other words, the customer uses the salted duck egg to pack the product in the bag-type vacuum packaging machine, which can pack 4,200 salty eggs per hour. Duck eggs; at least the production capacity of two double-chamber vacuum packaging machines, with the same production capacity, one can save more than ten people.

The important links of the overall work are carried out by mechanical equipment, which saves the labor of employees and the total amount of employment and reduces the company’s capital investment.