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Reasons for Choosing the Quail Egg Processing Machine from Lijun

Date:2020-9-3      Author:Egg washing machine

Quail egg machinery has many types on the market, each with its own characteristics. This article introduces why you choose the quail egg machine from Lijun.

Lijun quail egg machine has a complete quail egg processing line, from quail egg shelling to egg breaking.

Reasons for choosing the quail eggs  processing machine from Lijun Machinery Factory:

The quail egg shelling production line is a collection of crane quail egg processing, including crane quail egg cleaning, boiled eggs, beating, and shelling, they can process dirty and unprocessed crane quail eggs into clean, cooked, and shellless egg.

The quail egg peeling machine is specially designed for large-scale peeling of quail eggs. The stainless steel material makes the egg peeling process stable and hygienic. Simply put the cooked quail eggs into the machine and wait for the peeled eggs to be discharged from the outlet. No need for manual operation, fully automatic peeling.

Crane quail egg peeling machine is a special peeling machine for peeling and boiling Crane quail eggs. The shelling machine can be used alone or together with the crane quail egg boiling machine and the crane quail egg crusher.

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The manufacture of related machines adopts strict technical indicators and is checked by senior technicians. The whole shelling line saves labor and is highly efficient.

If you want to peel quail eggs, it is best to use eggs that have been left for 3-5 days for peeling processing, because eggs stored for a certain period of time will be easier to peel, reducing some unnecessary operations, and also Can better maintain the integrity of the egg.

Pour the eggs into the egg boiler, the boiling time should be set at 10-15 minutes, and then pick the bad eggs floating on the water. Then cool the boiled quail eggs for about 5 minutes, put them in the crane egg cutting and peeling machine, and then use the egg beater to break the eggshells.

Connect the power and water source to control the drainage, because the flow rate determines the speed of peeling the eggs so that the quail eggs can be peeled easily.

In daily life, if you want to peel quail eggs quickly, what should you do? There are generally three ways to quickly peel your skin:
The first is to use eggs that have been left for a period of time for peeling, which will be easier. The second is to put the boiled quail eggs in the refrigerator or cold water and use physical reactions to achieve the effect of rapid peeling. One is to use vinegar to break down the eggshell.