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Quail Eggs in Water Products Information

Date:2021-2-18      Author:Egg washing machine

Quail eggs in water is a canned food produced in Thailand Aroy-D.

Nutritional of Quail Eggs

Quail eggs in water are quail eggs that can be eaten directly, which can reduce the time to prepare meals. It is very suitable for daily meals, but also for special occasions such as birthdays and reunions.

Quail eggs in water are cooked food, and the quail eggshells have been removed, so you only need to process them a little and put them on the plate, and it is a delicious dish.

Quail eggs in water can be used in various Thai dishes and salads. Because of its small size and easy consumption, it is very popular with children.

Since canned quail eggs are already cooked, you can try adding them to Thai beef salad recipes, or you can wrap them whole in wonton wrappers, then deep-fry them and serve them with sweet chili sauce.

Quail eggs can also be added to instant noodle soup, Tom Yum Goong soup, and curry to bring surprises. Or put quail eggs and Chinese sausages in steamed Chinese buns to make a creamy, rich filling.

Nutritional benefits of quail eggs: Quail eggs are rich in vitamins and minerals, three to four times that of eggs, and have a high protein content. The daily vitamin B1 requirement is 140%, while the vitamin B1 in eggs is only 50%. Compared with eggs, iron and potassium content are higher. In fact, due to ovomucoid, quail eggs are actually beneficial in combating allergy symptoms.

It is said that quail eggs help digestion, strengthen the immune system, improve memory and enhance brain activity. By eating a diet including quail eggs, hemoglobin in the body increases, and toxins and heavy metals are removed. Chinese medicine uses quail eggs to treat asthma, tuberculosis, and diabetes. Adding quail eggs to the diet can even relieve kidney stones.

The above is the introduction of quail eggs in water canned quail eggs. Friends who like to eat quail eggs can buy it. Because of COVID-19, the postage has changed. Friends who want to buy should remember to check the postage in their area.

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