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Quail Egg Cleaning Machine: Analysis of the Structure and Function

Date:2020-9-11      Author:Egg washing machine

The high-speed egg cleaning machine can effectively clean the feces, mucus, litter, weeds, blood spots and other poultry excrements indicated by the eggs. In particular, pathogenic microorganisms such as Salmonella on the surface of quail eggs, these bacteria will penetrate into the quail eggs through the eggshell, affecting the storage time of the eggs.

quail egg cleaning machine

Structure analysis of quail egg washing machine

The principle of the quail egg washing machine is mainly to use the right amount of water in the front part of the equipment box, and the whole basket of quail eggs can be poured directly into the water in the washing tank. When passing through the box, it will be in a rolling state under the combined action of the bubble machine and water and will continue to advance with the mesh belt. When the water comes out, there is a spray head for high-pressure washing.

The cleanliness of quail eggs is three times higher than manual cleaning. The quail egg cleaning machine adopts molded engineering plastic parts, and the rubber parts can better meet the anti-corrosion requirements on the basis of ensuring mechanical performance. Greatly improve the service life of the equipment.

Function analysis of quail egg washing machine

The quail egg washing machine can quickly clean and disinfect quail eggs, kill harmful bacteria, remove their pollutants, and remove a variety of pathogens and harmful substances that are inevitable in the production of poultry.

Poultry and egg cleaning must be carried out, one is to reduce the unsafe factors of the product, and the other is to make the egg storage longer.

LIJUN Machinery Plant has developed a quail egg washing machine that can help you clean your eggs better, reduce manual intervention, and increase production efficiency.