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Quail egg processing line

Quail egg processing line Introduction

Quail egg processing line is a collection of quail egg processing, including quail egg cleaning, boiled eggs, broken eggs and shelling. They can process dirty and unprocessed quail eggs into a clean, cooked state without shells.
The entire Quail egg processing line saves labor and is highly efficient.
Quail egg processing line, this production line integrates the functions of quail egg automatic feeding → steaming → cooling → cracking → peeling → automatic egg shell collection.

Quail egg processing line 6 steps

Quail egg processing line: automatic feeding

The automatic feeding step saves manpower and improves efficiency, and the quail egg is transported to the egg cooker without breaking the quail egg.

Quail egg processing line: steaming

After putting the quail eggs into the egg cooker, the raw quail eggs will become hard-boiled eggs. The egg cooker is the most basic machine for quail egg shelling line. Then, the cooked quail eggs will be automatically sent to the cooling tank.

Quail egg processing line: cooling

After the quail eggs pass through the cooling conveyor slot, the temperature will drop, and the outer shell of the quail eggs will separate from the inner eggs, thus making the shelling process easier.

Quail egg processing line: cracking & peeling

The process of breaking the shell is the most important preparatory work for shelling eggs. It is completed by the shell breaking rotating machine.The crusher can easily break the quail egg shells, and the group will not cause any damage to the eggs.
The structure is very simple, which makes the machine easy to operate and maintain.

Quail egg processing line: automatic egg shell collection

Automatic egg shell collection is the ultimate goal of the entire production line.

Quail egg processing line features

1. It will not damage the surface of the egg, with high efficiency and extremely low breakage rate.
2.Made of stainless steel, sanitary and safe, easy to maintain and clean, and low noise.
3.Beautiful and stable structure, easy to move, beautiful and durable.
4.Higher productivity, energy saving, environmental protection and extremely cost-effective.
5. Long service life and reliable working performance.
6. Wide range of applications and high degree of automation.

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