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Quail egg peeler

Quail egg peeler Introduction

Quail egg peeler machine is a special peeling machine used for peeling boiled quail eggs.
This quail egg peeler machine can be used alone or together with a quail egg boiling machine and quail egg breaking machine.
Quail egg peeler machine is a special peeling machine for shelling boiled quail eggs automatically. It can shell eggs in high efficiency and with little breakage.

Quail egg peeler Features

1. Special quail egg peeler, high efficiency and low breakage rate.
2. Quail egg peeler is made of stainless steel, safe and hygienic.
3. Quail egg peeler adopts special rollers, which does not hurt the eggs and is durable.
4. Quail egg peeler eggshells are sent out automatically, which is easy to clean.
5. Quail egg peeler automatically feeds and discharges, saving labor.
6. The Quail egg peeler machine is easy to clean and easy to move.
7. Quail egg peeler can save labor and time, increase the productivity of eggshell peeling.

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Quail egg peeler Technical Parameters

Specification Capacity
LJ-300s 300kg eggs/h
LJ-400s 400kg eggs/h
LJ-500s 500kg eggs/h
LJ-3B 150kg eggs/h
LJ-4 75kg eggs/h

Quail egg peeler Application

* Quail egg peeler is widely used in quail egg wholesale food factories, hotels, fast food shops, quail egg processing factories, spiced quail egg products factory, airline catering suppliers.
* Quail egg peeler is the best choice for manufacturers to make boiled eggs, spiced eggs, other egg products, etc.

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