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Quail egg boiling &peeling process line

Quail egg boiling &peeling process line Introduction

Quail egg boiling & peeling process line includes quail egg feeding system, precooking&yolk centering system, high temperature boiling quail egg system, cooling system, shelling&lifter system, and quail egg peeling system.
Quail egg boiling & peeling process line, this production line integrates quail egg automatic loading→steaming→cooling→cracking→peeling→automatic egg shell collection.
We also have Automatic egg boiling and peeling system

Quail egg boiling &peeling process line Features

1. No damage to egg surface, high efficiency, very low breakage rate.
2. Made of stainless steel, sanitary and safety, easy to maintain and clean, low noise.
3. Nice and stable structure, convenient to move, beautiful, and durable.
4. Larger productivity, energy saving, environmental protection, highly cost-effective.
5. Long service life and reliable working performance.
6. Wide usage and highly automatic operation.

Quail egg boiling &peeling process line Technical Parameters

Specification Capacity
LJ-300 300kg eggs/h
LJ-600 600kg eggs/h
LJ-1500 1500kg eggs/h

Quail egg boiling &peeling process line Application

* It can be used to boil various eggs, such as hen eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, quail eggs, corned eggs, and spiced eggs, and so on.
* The machine is widely applied in food processing factories, egg wholesale, hotel, fast food shop, egg factory, airline catering, quail egg processing factory, and spiced quail egg products factory, and so on.

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