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Liquid egg processing plants

Liquid egg processing plants Introduction

Liquid egg processing plants mainly deal with liquid egg processing procedures, Lliquid egg processing procedures, key to egg market. After investigation, it is found that the liquid egg market is growing, and it is necessary for manufacturers to understand liquid egg processing plants.

Liquid egg processing plants workflow

After egg breaking, the liquid egg flows into collection vats (balance tanks) by gravity.A perforated plate contained within the vat serves as a filter to remove eggshells.
The liquid egg is pumped through a egg liquid filter and then is pumped to the cooling system. After cooling, the liquid egg is pumped to a storage silo for further processing.

Eggshell and Liquid Separating Machine Introduction

Eggshell and liquid separating machine is mainly used to separate the residue egg liquid from eggshell automatically after breaking. It can also be used to break the whole eggs and separate the egg liquid from the eggshell.

Egg Liquid Filter Introduction

Egg Liquid Filter is designed for a filtrating broken eggshell or another impurity that still remains in the egg liquid. It is suitable for whole egg liquid, egg yolk, egg white. This filter machine can be used in a bakery food shop and egg flour mills , it is also the best choice in the egg processing production line.

Liquid egg processing plants feature

1. Adopts food grade 304 stainless steel material, durable and healthy.
2. Humanized design, adopts special centrifugal mechanism design, convenient for dismounting and cleaning.
3. No liquid blocking, filter well, no granule impurities.
4. High efciency, high egg liquid gain rate: 99%.
5. Large capacity, small size, save area and invest cost.
6. Automatically collect shell and liquid, economic and practical, labor saving.

Liquid egg processing plants Application

Liquid egg processing plants is widely used in factories related egg liquid separationsuch as eggs powder processing factory, eggs processing factory, cake factory, bakery,western style food restaurant, ice cream producing factory, etc.
Liquid egg processing plants offers consumers, foodservice outlets and food processing companies specialized egg options providing ease of use, storage and extended shelf life.

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