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Egg Peeling Machine Introduction

The egg peeling machine produced by the company is made of SUS304 stainless steel, and the transmission part is driven by imported chains to reduce chain wear.
This egg peeling machine water supply is recycled water and through multiple layers of filtering, easy to clean, sanitary, and safe.
Egg Peeling Machine can shell eggs in high eficiency and with lttle breakage. It is the best choice for manufacturers to make boiled eggs, spiced eggs, other egg products, etc.
This egg peeling machine can be used in eggs processing production line or used alone.

Egg Peeling Machine Features

1. Egg peeling machine is made of SUS304 food-grade stainless steel, which is safe, hygienic, and stable in quality.
2. Compact structure. Special roller design. No hurt to the eggs.
3. High efficiency, low breakage rate. Easy to clean, easy to move.
4. Feeding and discharging automatically labor cost saving.
5. Automatic collect eggshell.
6. It is the most advanced peeling eggs equipment in China for now.
7. Egg peeling machine easy maintenance, low breakage rate of eggs, suitable for boiled eggs, brine eggs, and other egg processing enterprises production needs.
8. The equipment imports the most advanced production technology.
9. The key parts are imported from Germany.
10. It is digested, transformed, and innovated according to China’s national conditions and customers’ production needs.

Components of the Egg Peeling Machine

1. Water tank egg loading
2.Egg Peeling Machine

Egg Peeling Machine Technical Parameters

Specification Capacity
LJ-10000S 10000 eggs/h
LJ-20000S 20000 eggs/h
LJ-300s 300kg eggs/h
LJ-400s 400kg eggs/h
LJ-500s 500kg eggs/h

Egg Liquid Filter Application

* Eggs peeling machine is widely used in egg wholesale food factory, hotel, fast food shop, egg processing factory, airline catering supplier.
* Egg Peeling Machine can save labor and time, increase the productivity of eggshell peeling.

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