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egg knocking machine

Egg knocking machine

Egg knocking machine Introduction

The egg knocking machine automatically separates the egg liquid, which is suitable for eggs of different sizes, and is more and more popular in the food and baking industries.

egg knocking machine details
The whole line of egg knocking machine is divided into egg loading machine, egg washing machine, and egg breaking machine.
egg knocking machine whole line
The egg breaking machine is divided into two modes, one is whole egg liquid, and the other is egg white and yolk separate.
whole egg liquidegg white and yolk separated
The final result of egg knocking machine
Product displayProduct display1

Product description of egg knocking machine

egg knocking machine description

1. Applicable industries: food and beverage factories, farms, household, commercial catering, dairy factories, bakery, etc.
2. Place of Origin: Jiangsu Province, China
3. Brand: Lijun
4. Guarantee: 1 year
5. After-sales service: on-site installation and commissioning training
6. Capacity machine: 10000 pcs/hour
7. Function: separate protein and egg yolk
8. Product name: Fuzhou simple operation egg beater
9. Material: 304 stainless steel
10. Capacity: 10000 pcs/hour
11. Usage: separate egg white and egg yolk
12. Voltage: 220V / 380V
13. Power: 400 watts
14. Size: 3100 * 1160 * 1210 mm
15. Certification: CE ISO
16. Application: Food Industry
17. MOQ: 1 set

egg knocking machin model display

Model Capacity claw heads power voltage Dimension
LJ-QF4 4000Eggs/hour 9 400W 220V 3100*1160*1210mm
LJ-QF8 8000Eggs/hour 18 400W 220V 3100*1160*1210mm
LJ-QF10 10000Eggs/hour 24 400W 220V 3100*1160*1210mm
LJ-QF24 24000Eggs/hour 48 400W 220V 3100*1160*1210mm
LJ-QF40 40000Eggs/hour 80 400W 220V 3100*1160*1210mm

Egg knocking machine features

egg knocking machin features

1) The whole production line of broken egg separation is made of 304 stainless steel.
2)The feeding part adopts the water tank type to feed the eggs, which is beneficial to the workers to eliminate bad eggs and save labor.
3)After feeding the eggs into the egg cleaning and drying section, they will be cleaned automatically.
4)Through the conveyor belt to the egg breaking machine, the eggs can be caught accurately, with high egg breaking rate and high separation rate.
5)The entire production process is energy-saving and labor-saving, and can meet the automatic egg breaking and separation in the deep processing industry, with high efficiency and stable working performance.

Frequently Asked Questions about egg knocking machine

egg breaking machine

Queue 1: How to get more detailed egg crusher/broken egg separator information?
---Please send an inquiry or write an email or call us directly to get an official quotation.
Queue 2: How do I know if this egg breaker/breaker is suitable for me?
---Please contact us to provide your detailed requirements and your production status, and will provide you with the best suggestions.
Queue 3: How to get an egg cracker/broken egg separator?
---After confirming the order, we will send you a proforma invoice for payment, and then start preparing the machine. We can deliver the machine to the port in your country and handle export issues. After the machine arrives at you, we will provide complete customs clearance documents to help you with custom customs clearance.
Queue 4: Can you provide engineers overseas services?
---Yes, we can provide this service, if you buy a production line from us, we will send the engineer to your country for installation and conversion.
Queue 5: Can you manufacture egg crackers/egg crushers and production lines as needed?
---Yes, if you provide technology and specific technical data, we can customize the machine according to your needs.
Queue 6: How about after-sales service?
----The warranty period is one year, but we provide lifetime technical support. If you encounter any problems in the future, please show us the problem by taking pictures and videos, and will reply within 24 hours and solve your problem as soon as possible may.

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