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Principle of Automatic Egg Washing Machine

Date:2020-12-22      Author:Egg washing machine

Egg washing machine, also known as egg washing machine, includes egg washing machine, duck egg washing machine (including cleaning of fresh duck eggs, ash-packed eggs, mud-packed eggs, brine eggs, etc.), breeding egg washing machines, etc. The principle is to use mechanical methods. The brush will wash off the stains on the surface of the egg.

automatic egg washing machine

With the continuous progress and development of technology, egg washing machines are becoming more and more fully automated. Now let’s analyze its cleaning principles:

1. Control system: It is composed of a fuse, relay, AC contactor, leakage protector, and control transformer to improve the safety of equipment use;

2. Cleaning system: consists of three brushes placed in an inverted triangle, two of which are cylindrical with different diameters and one are spiral, which helps to thoroughly clean the stains on the eggs;

3. Egg loading system: It is composed of egg bottom frame, stainless steel chain, gear, and egg loading wheel. It has the characteristics of low head and full egg;

4. Large and small water tanks: welded by 304 stainless steel plates, with strong anti-corrosion ability. The large water tank is the supporting product of the egg loading system, and the small water tank is the configuration device of the egg discharge system;

5. Egg delivery system: After cleaning, the cleaned eggs can be collected in the egg basket smoothly, reducing labor costs and improving labor efficiency;

6. Transmission system: It is composed of two high-performance motors, one is a geared motor, and the other is a fractional horsepower motor, using 220V voltage, which has the characteristics of energy-saving, long service life, and convenient maintenance;

7. Frame: Made of all stainless steel 304, it has good corrosion resistance to mud eggs and salted eggs, which helps to extend the service life of the equipment.

The function of each system is different. If one item is missing, the cleaning of single egg products will have different effects. Customers are advised to choose products with complete functions when purchasing. Our products are highly praised for their quality, ensuring that customers can purchase products with complete functions, good performance, and good cleaning effects.