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Precautions For The Installation Of Egg Washing Machine

Date:2020-9-9      Author:Egg washing machine

During installation, we need to keep the ground level during installation, and the water tank needs a flat ground or can be slightly inclined to a certain angle in the direction of the leak to facilitate the discharge of sewage.

Because the principle of the egg washing machine is to put duck eggs on the scrubbing layer above. A steady stream of water is injected below. Therefore, the drainage area needs to be taken into consideration when installing the machine.

Test machine inspection: During the test machine, the system of temperature supply, humidity supply, alarm bell, fan, etc. and the rolling of the motor should be checked in detail. The above parts are normal. After the test machine runs for 1 to 2 days, the body can be formally inspected. After opening the door repeatedly, check whether it is tight, whether the four walls, top, and bottom of the body are deformed, and if any defects are found, repair them in time. Correct and repair the machine. One week before the incubation, the system should be checked to see if the installation is stable and strong and whether the electrical systems are connected properly, sensitively, and accurately.

Electric Egg Washer Machine

The operator must operate the machine in accordance with the method described in the operation of the egg washer. When inspecting the egg washer or cleaning the internal foreign objects, the egg washer must be shut down and powered off before operating.

The egg washing machine needs to check whether the circuit is intact regularly, and it is strictly forbidden to contact the circuit with water to avoid damage to the circuit insulation layer and cause a short circuit.

The use of an egg washer for cleaning can increase the appearance of the eggs. The egg washer can not only clean the dirt such as feces and straw on the surface of the eggs, but its special cleaning fluid can also kill the harmful microorganisms carried from the poultry intestines on the surface of the eggs. It will have a direct impact on our health, so LIJUN Machinery Plant advocates that all egg processing plants can use egg washing machines.