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Precautions for Regular Cleaning and Use of Egg Washing Machine

Date:2020-8-25      Author:Egg washing machine

The egg washing machine is mainly used for cleaning and disinfection. Mainly include cleaning and air-drying, oil spraying and preservation, coding, ultraviolet sterilization, light detection, and electronic classification. It can eliminate a variety of pathogens and harmful substances that are inevitable in the poultry production process and ensure the safety of eggs.

The selection principle of cleaning agent for cleaning egg washing machine

  • The composed detergent has strong cleaning ability;
  • The chemical properties are soft and do not damage the laundry;
  • There is no chemical interaction between the components to make the components invalid;
  • Has good bleaching properties.automatic egg washing machine

Attentions when using the egg washing machine

When cleaning the mud eggs in the egg washing machine, the large water tank should be filled regularly. When the water in the big water tank is full, drain 10 cm of water and let the submerged part of the mud drain out. Then close the drain pipe and continue adding water. When the water is full, drain another 10 cm. This process will not affect the normal washing of eggs. Its purpose is to prevent clogging by deposits, dirt, and other deposits.

After each use of the egg washer, clean the water tank and shelf of the egg washing machine, open the hood, and maintain a certain amount of ventilation time. If the egg card falls off, install it in time.

The egg washing machine regularly inspects the conveyor belt, the tightness of the conveyor chain for loading and unloading eggs, adding butter, checking the power cord, and replacing it if it is damaged. The egg washing machine replenishes the water tank in time to maintain the proper water level.

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