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Performance Introduction of Egg Tray Washing Machine

Date:2020-9-24      Author:Egg washing machine

The washing machine is divided into the egg washing machine, tray washing machine, box washing machine, and egg tray washing machine. Next, we will explain the equipment performance characteristics of the egg tray washing machine.

The main body of the egg tray washer is made of 304 stainless steel, the spray nozzle is a fan-shaped 304 stainless steel nozzle, and the upper and the right sides use high-temperature quick-release plastic nozzles.

The length of the egg tray washing machine is selected according to customer requirements. There are 2 to 3 sections of spray pipes, and each group is equipped with an independent double-layer filter system. Water can be recycled, steam heating pipes can be set, and temperature can be automatically controlled.

egg tray washing machine

The egg tray cleaning machine has a separate spray pipe, and the mesh belt drive is frequency conversion speed. The guardrail guides on both sides can be adjusted left and right, which is suitable for cleaning various egg trays of different sizes;

Steam heating or electric heating can be used for heating in hot alkaline water and hot water tank, with automatic temperature control. The drainage of the two water tanks and each overflow is a unified pipeline discharge standard, which better maintains the sanitation and cleanliness of the cleaning workshop.

The transmission of the egg tray washing machine chain is equipped with protective devices to avoid the situation that the equipment is off the track when running at high speed; the egg tray washing machine enters the public water supply pipeline, and the water supply will automatically stop when the water level is reached;

There are emergency stop buttons at the material inlet and outlet to protect personnel and equipment. The water tank of the egg tray cleaning machine adopts an inclined design, and the drainage port is set at the lowest part of the water tank, which is beneficial to the discharge of sewage.