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Peeled Quail Eggs and Boiled Quail Eggs

Date:2021-2-11      Author:Egg washing machine

Quail eggs are a good tonic in life. The surface is very smooth, small, and exquisite, and many people love to eat it. However, quail eggs are relatively small and difficult to peel. Teach you tips on peeling quail eggs quickly.

Method of peeled quail eggs

Eating quail eggs

Method one of peeled quail eggs:

1). Cook the quail eggs first.

2). Put the cooked quail eggs in an airtight box, add a little water, about one-half or more, and close the lid.

3). Pinch it with your hands, and shake the sealed box up and down for about 3 minutes.

4). After shaking and opening the box, you will find that the shells of the quail eggs are cracked, and even some of the shells are separated from the eggs, but the eggs are intact.

If you peel it again at this time, the quail eggshell can be peeled off quickly and well, and it will not break the egg white at all, and will not stick to the egg white at all.

Method two of peeled quail eggs:

1). Cook the quail eggs first.

2). Gently press the quail egg with the palm of your hand and roll it on the table to form fine lines on the eggshell.

3). The quail eggs can be peeled easily and completely by hand.

The above are two methods of quickly peeling quail eggshells, both of which can achieve the effect of complete peeling, but require attention.

In addition to peeling the shell, how to boil quail eggs and how long it takes to boil are also particular. Here is how to boil quail eggs.

Method of boiled quail eggs

boiled quail eggs


1). Soak before cooking

The meat of quail eggs is very tender and easy to cook. It is recommended to soak quail eggs in clean water for a while when cooking. This can avoid cracking during cooking, usually 3 to 4 minutes after the water is boiled.

2). Boil with salt in water

It is recommended to add some salt to the water when cooking quail eggs, because salt can promote protein shrinkage and separate from the eggshell, making it easier to peel.

3). Boil in cold water over low heat

It must be boiled in cold water on low heat. This step is very important. It is a pot with cold water, that is, quail eggs and cold water are poured into the pot. Putting quail eggs in hot water or halfway will cause the quail eggs to boil.

4). Soak after cooking

Be careful to take out the quail eggs and soak them in clean water immediately after starting the pot. This will prevent the quail eggs from getting too old, and they can be peeled well without worrying about sticking together.

This is to use the principle of thermal expansion and contraction to further separate the egg white from the eggshell.

The above is the method of boiling quail eggs and peeled quail eggs, friends who like to eat quail eggs can try it.