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Organic Chicken and Regular Chicken

Date:2021-2-22      Author:Egg washing machine

There is a phenomenon in the market that uses ordinary chicken instead of organic chicken. How to distinguish organic chicken from ordinary chicken?

Organic Chicken

First, we need to understand the difference between organic chicken and ordinary chicken.

For ordinary chicken, there is not much nutritional value. At best, it is to satisfy our appetite, because most ordinary chickens are quick-grown chickens pointed out by the farm, while organic chickens are different. They are pure natural green foods. , No pollution, no pesticides and chemical elements in it.

Organic eggs should adopt organic breeding methods and use natural plant extracts to cultivate healthy broilers. It may require certification, promotion, and packaging. The production cost increases and the price is more expensive. The advantage is that it is more nutritious and healthy. It’s on sale, and it tastes better.

There may be some differences in the regulations of different countries. Take the regulations of the United States as follows: Those who are kept in a fixed cage must have space for poultry to come in contact with the outdoors. Organic poultry must be raised separately from ordinary traditional poultry; and from the second day of hatching, young poultry must be managed and raised organically. The source of the young birds is that some farms buy them from hatcheries that have been certified organic, while others breed them themselves.

Moreover, organic producers are required to provide appropriate living conditions to conform to animal health and natural behavior patterns. For example, the organic poultry raised must have access to the outdoors and have a sheltered space for exercise, maintain fresh air, and appropriate sunshine for different growth periods. All are listed in the certification requirements (but the minimum standard has not yet been specified). Moreover, in fixed-house or indoor farms, except for the weather, health, safety, or soil and water quality factors, poultry cannot be kept indoors all day long. Although there is no clear regulation on the density of captive breeding, the certification unit will assess whether the density is appropriate based on the actual situation. ”

Organic food safety knowledge: Chicken has a high protein content ratio, a variety of types, and high digestibility, which can enhance physical strength and strengthen the body. It is one of the important sources of fat and phospholipids in the Chinese diet. Chicken meat has a good therapeutic effect on malnutrition, chills, fatigue, irregular menstruation, anemia, weakness, etc.