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Nutritional Value of Quail Eggs and Chicken Eggs

Date:2021-2-2      Author:Egg washing machine

Quail eggs, as the name suggests, are poultry quail eggs. Compared with eggs, quail eggs are small and exquisite. They are very convenient for cooking dishes or making snacks for leisure. This article will share the nutritional value of quail eggs and chicken eggs.

The nutritional difference between quail eggs and chicken eggs

quail eggs and chicken eggs nutrition

The nutritional value of quail eggs and eggs are essentially the same. Because the most important nutrient component of eggs is protein, and the protein content of each egg is about the same, about 13 g/100 g. Research data found that the difference in protein between various eggs is about 10% at most.

The protein, fat, and carbohydrate content in eggs and quail eggs are basically the same. Relatively speaking, the content of B vitamins in quail eggs is more than that in eggs, especially the content of vitamin B2 is twice that of eggs, and the content of cholesterol and phospholipids is also higher. On the other hand, the vitamin A content of eggs is more prominent, which is about 4 times that of quail eggs.

Because the rich phospholipids in quail eggs are helpful for brain development, and the rich vitamin B2 can promote growth and development, children and primary and middle school students can eat more eggs, especially children under 6 years old. The texture of quail eggs is more delicate and not easy to indigestion. Therefore, children eat 3 to 4 quail eggs a day, which will have many benefits for brain development.

Similarly, for people with poor gastrointestinal and digestive functions, quail eggs are easier to digest and absorb than eggs, and it is not easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort after eating.

The cholesterol content of quail eggs is 1.5 times that of eggs, so it is not suitable for people with a high serum cholesterol content.

The content of phospholipids in quail eggs is higher than that in eggs. The main components of phospholipids are lecithin and cephalin. It is an important component of human tissue cells, and it is also an ideal brain-building substance. Arteriosclerosis and fatty liver, promote the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and other effects.

Contraindications for quail eggs and chicken eggs

Quail Eggs and Chicken Eggs

1. To control the amount. Generally speaking, for normal adults, it is more appropriate to eat 1-2 eggs a day, or 3-4 quail eggs. Eating too much will cause the body to consume too much protein and excessive energy, which is not good for health. If you eat less milk, meat, fish, and shrimp, you can also eat a few more eggs. In addition, if you exercise a lot, such as manual workers and fitness people, you can also eat a few more eggs.

2. Don’t eat eggs indiscriminately for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients. Basically, all eggs have a relatively high cholesterol content. Although the dietary guidelines of many countries have canceled the restriction on cholesterol, for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, it is still necessary to strictly control the intake of cholesterol so as not to be harmful to the disease.

3. Quail eggs must be cooked before consumption.

4. When eating quail eggs, do not eat together with shiitake mushrooms.

Who are not suitable for eating quail eggs?

Eating quail eggs

1. Elderly people: Due to the larger proportion of egg yolk, the total cholesterol of quail eggs is higher than that of eggs, and people often eat too much unknowingly, leading to excessive cholesterol intake. Therefore, it is best for the elderly to eat 1 egg a day More reasonable.

2. People with allergies: Some people are allergic to eggs. Since the nutritional content of quail eggs and eggs is not very different, these people are often allergic to quail eggs, so it is recommended not to eat them.