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Nutritional Differences in Poultry and Egg Products

Date:2020-9-30      Author:Egg washing machine

Poultry egg products contain all the nutrients needed during embryo incubation, in addition to high-quality protein and fat, there are also rich minerals and vitamins. Therefore, to discuss the nutrition of eggs, we can analyze the nutrition from these aspects.


There is little difference between various poultry eggs, and the protein content of different poultry eggs is very small, usually around 13 g/100 g. For example, eggs have the lowest protein content, about 12g/100g, and goose eggs have the most protein, reaching about 14g/100g, and the difference is only about 10% at most.

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Egg fat is the least, and the fat content of different eggs is also different. Among them, egg fat is the least, about 10g/100g, and duck egg fat is the most, reaching about 14g/100g.


Different eggs will have some differences in the comparison of individual ingredients. For example, duck eggs and goose eggs have more vitamin B12 than other kinds of eggs, and quail eggs have the most vitamin B2. The vitamin D content in eggs is 80 international units, which is about 30% higher than other eggs.

However, the other vitamins in the egg, such as vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin K, are basically the same.

Minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, and selenium:
The calcium content of eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, and quail eggs is about 60 mg/100 g, and turkey eggs can reach about 100 mg/100 g, which is close to the calcium content of milk.

The iron content of eggs is the least, about 1.8 mg/100 g, but this content is already equivalent to lean meat. The iron content of other eggs is generally at this level. The zinc content of eggs is the lowest, and the content of turkey eggs is the highest, but they are both between 1.3 and 1.6 mg/100 g. There is no essential difference. The price is high only because “things are more expensive”.

Regardless of whether it is eggs, duck eggs, pigeon eggs, quail eggs, goose eggs, or even ostrich eggs, there is no essential difference in nutritional value, and they are all the same. It’s just that the price difference is based on the output and breeding cost.

It can be seen from the above that the nutrient content of egg products is still very high, which is why food processing plants need to process eggs. However, manual production is not only unsanitary but also inefficient. In order to solve this problem, Lijun Machinery Factory has produced egg processing machines for the mass production of egg products.