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​egg washing machine manufacturers: small scale egg washing machine

Date:2022-03-09      Author:Egg washing machine


Egg cleaners can effectively reduce the possibility of contaminating intestinal microorganisms; chicken manure and other harmful pollutants on the surface of eggshells contain pollutants that are harmful to the human body. In particular, pathogenic microorganisms such as Salmonella will invade the eggs and multiply. Seriously affect the quality of eggs.


What are the inconveniences of eggs that have not been processed by the egg washer?


Step#1:  Not processed by egg cleaning machine, Direct consumption, and processing of dirty eggs are extremely unsanitary

 small scale egg washing machine

A large amount of poultry manure, mucus, litter, weeds, blood spots, and other poultry excrements adhere to the surface of dirty eggshells. This dirt will adhere to or fall into the shelves, other foods, kitchen utensils, and affect the quality of egg products during the production of egg products, and reduce the product qualification rate.


Step#2:  Dirty eggs are directly consumed and used for processing, which can easily spread diseases


If the eggs are not cleaned in time and sold directly after they are laid, it is easy to cause the widespread spread of microorganisms and other bacteria. The eggs collected from the poultry breeding sites are a considerable carrier of pathogenic bacteria.


These poultry eggs with large pathogenic bacteria groups pass through the extensive circulation link without any treatment and are finally purchased by consumers. During this period, the air in vehicles, turnover boxes, shelves, hands, food, refrigerators, and homes is completely in The environment polluted by poultry manure poses a great threat to our lives.


In addition, due to the physiological characteristics of poultry, in addition to the possibility of avian influenza virus parasitism in poultry intestines and poultry feces, there are also a large number of pathogens such as Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Listeria, Newcastle disease, and pullorum. Some of these poultry diseases are human and poultry diseases, and it is easy to spread widely among humans.


Step#3:  Not processed by egg cleaning machine, Shorter storage time


Uncleaned poultry eggs will reduce their shelf life due to microorganisms on the eggshell. From another perspective, cleaned poultry eggs will extend their shelf life through disinfection coating and specific packaging methods. Generally speaking, the shelf life of fresh eggs can be prolonged through cleaning, disinfection, and film preservation. In our country, the processing of clean eggs is not very popular, which has caused seasonal fluctuations in the price of poultry eggs.


In the season when the production of poultry eggs is large, the price of eggs is lower, and when the production of poultry eggs is low, the price increases. Such price fluctuations are not conducive to the stable development of the poultry and egg market.

egg washing machine manufacturers: small scale egg washing machine

Therefore, in order to solve this problem and improve work efficiency, Lijun Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. introduced an egg cleaning machine, which effectively solved the steps of egg cleaning and processing.