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​egg stamping machine: automatic egg breaking machine

Date:2022-06-10      Author:Egg washing machine


Structure introduction of the automatic egg washing machine:

The material of the automatic egg washing machine is made of stainless steel, which is composed of the receiving hopper, roller, brush, bristles, driving wheel, transmission system, belt conveyor, drying device, and other components. Please understand the characteristics of the equipment in detail when purchasing.

Newborn eggs are not only dirty on the surface, but also have a short shelf life. Therefore, processing companies will choose automatic egg washing machines for cleaning and processing for product safety and hygiene and extending product shelf life.

automatic egg breaking machine

egg stamping machine: automatic egg breaking machine

The automatic cleaning machine is vertically installed with a roller directly below the receiving hopper. There are bristles on the inner surface of the roller, and a driving wheel is installed and fixed on the outer circle of the roller. The driving wheel is connected with the transmission system and is directly below the roller. There is a receiving hopper at the position of the belt conveyor. One end of the belt conveyor is installed in the receiving hopper directly below the drum. The part of the belt conveyor outside the receiving hopper is installed in a horizontal state. The belt conveyor is installed in the horizontal position. Drying device.

Disinfection method of the egg washing machine:

The disinfection of the egg washing machine includes the disinfection of the exterior and the interior of the equipment. There are two common disinfection methods:

   step#1: Soak and disinfect with disinfectant water:

   1. According to the number of eggs, add the required amount of water (soaked on the surface of the eggs) and calculate the weight.
  2. According to the weight of the water and the instructions for use of the disinfectant powder, calculate the weight of the disinfectant powder needed (the ratio of disinfectant powder to water is 1:1000).
3. Dilute the disinfectant powder needed with a little water and mix well, stir well for later use, transfer the qualified eggs to the plastic basket, and put them into the disinfection tank in turn. After each basket of eggs is put in the water, the plastic basket should be lightly Shake gently for 1 minute, then let stand and soak for 20 minutes.
   4. Remove the completely disinfected eggs from the disinfection tank, soak them in clean water for 5 minutes, and drain the water before use.

  step#2: Ultraviolet sterilization:

 Drain the eggs that are cleaned of dirt on the surface and sterilize them with ultraviolet for about 30 minutes to achieve the purpose of cleaning the eggshell surface and preventing cross-contamination.