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​Egg cleaning machine: commercial egg washer

Date:2022-06-01      Author:Egg washing machine


The egg washing machine is suitable for cleaning eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, and other eggs. The machine is specially designed with plates. It has a simple structure, convenient operation, stable operation, and long use time. The machine is cleaned, and the cleaning speed is fast. Will damage the egg itself. Egg washing machine features: egg in water, saving labor, special nylon brush, good elasticity, wear-resistant, clean, fast, and a lot of labor-saving; economical and practical, the model is easy to use; the damage rate is almost 0; the body is made of 304 stainless steel plate Manufacturing, corrosion-resistant, beautiful and practical.

 The automatic egg washing machine

The automatic egg washing machine

The automatic egg washing machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which has excellent stainless corrosion resistance and good intergranular corrosion resistance. The roller of the machine is a high-quality nylon brush. It is composed of a large egg tank, a complete machine, and a small egg Water tank composition. (1. An automatic egg loading assembly is installed in the large egg loading water tank. 2. The whole machine is composed of a reducer, a cleaning brush, and an egg delivery conveyor chain.) A single row averages 7,000 eggs/hour, three rows of 10,000 eggs/hour, six Discharge 20,000 eggs per hour, clean without broken eggs.

Advantages of the commercial egg washing machine:

① Automatic cycle-imitating manual egg washing, the entire "egg washing" process runs automatically and continuously.


② Stable egg delivery-using a system, the egg delivery speed is even and stable.


③ Wide range of uses-reduce the demand for labor, and can be applied to the egg food processing industry.


④ Adjustable speed-production capacity can be adjusted according to actual needs.


⑤ Fast loading and unloading——exquisite mechanism, easy loading, and unloading of the whole machine parts and components.


⑥ Simple operation-clear functions, simple operation panel, easy to operate.


⑦ Easy to clean-it is made of stainless steel and can be rinsed with clean water.

Egg cleaning machine: commercial egg washer

The introduction of egg cleaning products has changed the traditional processing technology, and the egg processing industry has since moved towards large-scale and industrialized production. The assembly line production technology will greatly improve production efficiency. The reduction of logistics operations in multiple links not only saves labor, but also reduces damage, and the economic benefits are self-evident. Since then, it has changed the image of traditional processing that is messy and messy and conforms to modern food production standards. High output, beneficial production, reduce labor cost, and labor intensity. With the combination of assembly-line production and process management, the traditional egg processing industry has since changed to become stronger and larger.


The process flow of a commercial egg washing machine: when washing eggs, the whole frame of eggs can be poured into the pool. Due to the buoyancy of the water, it will not be damaged. The eggs falling into the bottom of the pool will be automatically ordered into 6 rows and the eggs will be transferred from the water to the 6-row cleaning machine, the new round egg guide mold transports the eggs into 8 wear-resistant wire brushes for horizontal high-speed washing.

Eggs that have been cleaned in an egg washer 

Eggs that have been cleaned in an egg washer

The new round egg guide mold can avoid the damage of the eggs when they are subjected to high-speed and high-strength brushing with hard brushes. While the brush is being cleaned, a water pipe is installed for water supply. Duck eggs, clay-coated eggs, and gray-coated eggs can be cleaned. After Sui, the cleaned eggs enter the conveyor fan to quickly blow off most of the water drops on the eggs, and then through the light penetration test, abnormal eggs such as broken eggs, black eggs, double yolk eggs can be detected, and the eggs are manually removed. After being output to the packaging belt conveyor, workers collect it on both sides.


The high-speed egg cleaning machine can effectively clean the feces, mucus, litter, weeds, blood spots and other poultry excrements indicated by the eggs. In particular, pathogenic microorganisms such as Salmonella on the surface of quail eggs, these bacteria will penetrate into the quail eggs through the eggshell, affecting the storage time of the eggs.


Features of commercial egg washing machine equipment: 1. The frame structure adopts a 304 stainless steel profile, which has anti-corrosion and alkali-proof performance. Beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, and durable. 2. Using molded engineering plastic parts, rubber parts can better meet the anti-corrosion requirements on the basis of ensuring the mechanical properties. Greatly improve the service life of the equipment. 3. The cleanliness is three times higher than manual cleaning.


The principle of the quail egg cleaning machine is to use the right amount of water in the front part of the equipment box, and the whole basket of quail eggs can be poured directly into the water in the cleaning pool. When passing through the box, it will be in a rolling state under the combined action of the bubble machine and water and will continue to advance with the mesh belt. When the water comes out, it is equipped with a spray head for high-pressure washing. a. Save water, electricity, time, cleanliness, and sanitation. B. No damage to vegetables, high efficiency, small footprint, safe and reliable. C. Simple installation, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and low energy consumption.


The product is made of stainless steel, strong and durable, eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs will not be damaged, so as to achieve high cleaning, labor-saving, water-saving, stable equipment, reliable and other effects, and achieve automatic continuous cleaning. The cleanliness of the cleaned objects is more than three times higher than that of conventional manual washing methods.