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​Common sense of eggbeater at home

Date:2021-05-06      Author:Egg washing machine

 Common knowledge of eggbeaters used at home Eggbeaters Before use, check whether the power supply voltage matches the voltage marked on the brand of the purchased machine, and whether the external grounding wire of the machine is firm.
2. Do not install any stirring equipment before the test to avoid damage to the machine due to the misalignment of the steering. If the steering does not match the direction shown by the arrow, please stop immediately and replace any two copper wires except the ground wire.
3. Stop the gear before shifting. If the handle is not pulled properly, please turn the swivel slightly clockwise by hand, and then move the handle to the desired position.
4. a. Stir the flour at a low speed. The water content of the flour is between 40% and 50%. b. It is used to mix and fill materials and raw materials at medium speed. c. Use to stir and cream and eggs at high speed.
5. When changing the mixing equipment during work, the bucket should be lowered first. When changing the materials, the mixing equipment should be taken out first, and then the mixing bucket should be taken out. After use, the mixing equipment and the barrel should be cleaned in time and the whole machine should be kept clean.