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​What to do if the eggbeater prevents fire?

Date:2021-03-12      Author:Egg washing machine

 In general, the raw materials, intermediates and even products used in the production of eggbeaters are flammable, explosive and corrosive substances. Most of the production of eggbeaters are at high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, high speed and corrosion. It is completed by reaction in harsh environments. The continuity of the process operation is strong. It is easy to form flammable mixtures in the process pipelines and eggbeaters. There are many ignition sources in the production area, which is a fire hazard.
The main reason why the eggbeater caused the fire is in the design stage, so the fire protection setting in the design stage is very important. The first step is that the design, type selection, material selection, arrangement and installation of the eggbeater must comply with national regulations and standards. The design needs to be strictly checked. According to different process characteristics and processes, the corresponding high temperature or low temperature resistant materials are selected, and advanced technology is used for production and installation. Strict fire safety inspection work is done, and strict trial and acceptance are passed.