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​The current problems faced by the eggbeater industry

Date:2021-02-15      Author:Egg washing machine

 After decades of efforts, China's eggbeater industry has achieved certain results. However, compared with the eggbeater industry developed countries, China's eggbeater industry is in the layers of macro management, epidemic prevention and control, improved breeding technology, and consumption guidance. There is still a big gap, and there are some more prominent problems.
1. The industry entry barrier is low. Production scale is small, excessive competition is serious
China's egg industry has long lacked clear national standards, and the market access system is absent. Many practitioners, especially retail investors and small-scale producers, pursue one-sided interests for one-sided, staged low-level influx, blindness and conformity. The characteristics are prominent, the industry mainstream has been severely impacted, and the profit of chicken breeding continues to decline. In addition, the quality of eggs can only be identified by instruments. In the absence of clear and unified national standards and imperfect testing and supervision systems, it completely relies on free competition in the market. The breeding process is simple, the breeding environment is poor, and the breeding cost is low. Low-priced eggs are selling well, but many high-quality eggs are unable to obtain high prices, and the phenomenon of "bad money driving out good money" in the egg market is serious. Some large-scale egg-beater farming enterprises whose production environment and process have passed international standard certification have invested in the high-end and high-quality egg product market established at a high cost, and cannot withstand the impact of some "sub-good" practitioners. Due to the low entry threshold of the industry, the lack of quantitative standards for government management, and the asymmetry of consumer information, the result of free market competition will inevitably make real high-quality eggs forced by cost and profit pressures, and some may even have to withdraw market. Especially for enterprises that take the path of brand development, they must pay high costs to adhere to high-quality production, but market price restrictions make enterprises have to compress profit margins and ensure that the production of high-quality eggs has become the company's biggest weakness. .
2. Single variety, low production level
(1) As far as varieties are concerned, it is learned that the current domestic leading eggbeater variety is Hailan, which accounts for more than 80%, and the others are Roman, Isa, Hessian, Nick, etc., which account for 20%. The variety is relatively single. At the same time, my country's eggbeater varieties have relied on imports for a long time, and most of the seed sources are controlled by foreign companies. They have not fully utilized domestic chicken breed resources and waste a lot of foreign exchange. Therefore, my country's eggbeater varieties' independent innovation capabilities need to be improved. In addition, the relationship between my country's improved breed expansion system and farmers is loose, and the responsibilities are not clear, which has caused individual producers to subprime and produce counterfeit products, disrupting the market order.
(2) As far as the production level is concerned, although the number of eggs in my country ranks first in the world, the production scale differs greatly due to the inadequate environment and facilities in various regions, and the production level of eggbeaters varies greatly. And because my country's egg-beater production mode is relatively backward, the scale is not high, and the conversion rate of advanced applicable technology is low, so that some egg production levels are far lower than the levels of developed countries in the world. At present, under the general production conditions in China, each eggbeater produces 15-16 kg of eggs annually, the feed-to-egg ratio is 2.6~2.8:1, and the death elimination rate is 20%-30%. In developed countries, each eggbeater year Egg production is 17~18kg, the feed-to-egg ratio is 2.3:1, and the death elimination rate is 1%. It can be seen that compared with developed countries, my country's egg-beater production level has great potential for improvement.