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​What is the measurement and control mode of the eggbeater?

Date:2020-06-09      Author:Egg washing machine

 When the eggbeater is in operation, the agitator rotates at a high speed, forcibly whipping, and the materials to be blended are in full contact with each other and violently rubbed to achieve the effects of mixing, emulsifying, aerating, and removing part of the water. Because the viscosity of the blending material is lower than the mixing material of the dough mixer, the speed of the egg mixer is higher than that of the dough mixer, which is generally in the range of 70~270r/min. It is called a high-speed blender.
The eggbeaters are mostly manual and vertical, consisting of agitator, container, rotating device, container lifting mechanism and machine base. How to measure and control, of course, you must know that measurement and control is measurement and control, what is measured, the concentration of the solid liquid mixture in the container, that is, viscosity, what is controlled, and the speed of the rotating device. For measuring viscosity, the most commonly used is an acceleration sensor. I am not sure what kind of sensor it uses, but I will definitely use an acceleration sensor if I design it. According to physical knowledge, the first law of the second law f=ma, the second object is in a liquid of different viscosity The motion law is different in the middle, and there is no complicated relationship. The sensor on the rotating device collects the concentration information to the controller, and adjusts it through feedback. Usually, the voltage information is fed back to the control device, and the speed of the voltage is adjusted. The automatic speed is used here. Principles of negative feedback knowledge.
Generally speaking, the eggbeater detects a large concentration and needs to accelerate the rotation. After a while, the egg is almost beaten. The feedback signal returns to know that the concentration is small, and the speed is reduced.