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Mini Egg Washing Machine: the Effect of Cleaning Eggs

Date:2020-8-25      Author:Egg washing machine

The mini egg washing machine is specially used to clean eggs. It is one of the indispensable equipment for egg food manufacturers. Many people may not know this mechanical product very well.

The egg washing machine includes an egg washing machine, a duck egg washing machine (including cleaning of fresh duck eggs, ash-packed eggs, mud-packed eggs, salted eggs, etc.), breeding egg washing machines, etc. The principle is to use mechanical methods. The brush will wash off the stains on the surface of the egg.

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Mini egg washing machine: the effect of cleaning eggs

Many intestinal microbes are attached to the surface of eggs, which can be infected with a large number of pathogenic bacteria under normal circumstances. According to the survey report, 10% of the eggs used in the experiment carried Salmonella on the surface, and 64% of the eggs had serious Escherichia coli on the surface.

Due to the numerous stomata distributed on the surface of the egg, these microorganisms and germs will enter the inside of the egg through the stomata and multiply in large numbers. Not only the quality of the egg is seriously affected, but also the health of the eater is threatened.

The way to prevent eggs from being contaminated is to quickly clean and disinfect the eggs after they are laid to kill harmful bacteria and remove their contaminants.

At this time, the mini egg washer plays the role of rapid cleaning and disinfection, which mainly includes cleaning and air drying, oil spray preservation, coding, ultraviolet sterilization, light inspection, and electronic classification. It can eliminate a variety of bacteria and harmful substances that are inevitable in the production process of poultry, and ensure the safety of eggs.