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Method Introduction of Broken Egg Shell

Date:2020-12-25      Author:Egg washing machine

Boiled eggs are both nutritious and convenient. It should be one of the indispensable breakfasts in most modern life. Have you ever encountered the problem of eggshells that are not easy to peel, waste time, and sometimes pits and pits that are easy to peel if you are not careful, Now I will teach you a little trick to easily break eggshell.

Broken Egg Shell


Hard-boiled eggs


1. First find a glass that can fit eggs, and put the boiled eggs into the cup

2. Fill the cup with water

3. Cover the mouth of the cup with your hands, and gently shake the eggshell to touch the wall of the cup until the water overflows from the cup

4. At this time, the eggshell has been separated from the surface of the egg. Just pull the eggshell out of the cup with your hands, and a smooth egg will be peeled.


When shaking the cup, pay attention and say, not too violently.

The above tips are suitable for use when the number of boiled eggs is small and the broken eggshell is used. If you want to process a large number of eggshells quickly, you can check our egg breaking machine.

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