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Method for Treating Wastewater by Egg Tray Machine

Date:2020-9-28      Author:Egg washing machine

In the production process of the egg tray machine, we will inevitably use water in our pulping system to break up our waste paper. In this process, it is inevitable that some wastewater will be generated. Then in the egg tray production line If such wastewater is produced in China, how should we dispose of it to better meet the requirements of the environmental protection department?

With the requirements of environmental protection, our production line has been continuously improved. For wastewater treatment, Lijun Machinery Factory will recycle the wastewater in the new egg tray production line to carry out secondary pulping and turn waste into treasure.

Method of treating wastewater by egg tray machine:

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In the pulping system of the egg tray production line, we inject water into the beating machine. After the waste paper is fully broken up by the beating machine, it is sent to the pulping tank for mixing and proportioning the pulp concentration, and then the host system directly Adsorption molding, after molding, a large amount of wastewater will be generated. At this time, we will introduce the wastewater into the beating machine through the wastewater recovery system again, and repeat the beating, pulping, and mixing again, and repeat the use again and again, Which reduces our use of water and fully recycles wastewater without causing pollution to the environment.

This is how the egg tray machines of Lijun Machinery Factory treat wastewater to minimize the impact on the environment.